Support Services

At J&G our services go beyond our well-known Academy Conversion and Trust Growth services. Frequently schools, academies and Trusts ask us to assist and guide them on other matters. This is where our Support Services come in. Below are several of these services that have successfully addressed many issues schools face.


Deeds of Variation


If you need to change your existing conversion documents such as Funding Agreements, a Deed of Variation will be required. If you have been asked by your Regional Director to complete a Deed of Variation, contact us to discuss.


Significant Change applications


If you are changing the characteristics of an academy such as age range, PAN ( Published Admission Numbers ), merging Trusts, changing the Funding Agreements or Articles, you will need to complete a Significant Change application. Such changes need to be approved by the Regional Director to avoid being in breach of your Funding Agreement so getting things right from the outset is very important.


Support on CEO / Head Performance Management


If you need external adviser support on appraisal and pay awards, we are available. Having external support with additional knowledge and experience of Executive Leader targets, pay scales and comparisons can help you make more informed decisions. Usually, having someone with no ‘skin in the game’ balances internal processes and mindset.


Report on the White Paper and options facing all Schools and Trusts


If your GB/Trust Board  needs more information to decide the best course of action for the future, this report will be invaluable. Offering the direction of travel, the options facing you and the benefits and risks of each of those options, this report will help in your deliberations. You will also benefit from a Q&A about the report.


If you’d like any more information on any of the above services, how we can help to address any related issues within your school, or to just speak to us regarding any other matter we can help with, please get in touch via email or phone and we’d be more than happy to help.