MAT Growth Audits

Trust Growth has become a key factor in the Academy world. MATs have grown, and are still growing, rapidly. The measurement of success of any education setting is, quite rightly, student outcomes. That is indeed what we are all here for.

There are, however, too few ways to check the overall health of the trust. Sadly, issues usually only come to light when it is too late and problems have become apparent.

Our MAT Growth Audit has been established to act as an overall health check on a trust. Using a mix of educationalists, School Improvement Partners, Education Advisers, finance and back office support practitioners, Governors and NLG’s, the audit assesses five critical areas of an organisation, and answers one key question: Is the trust ready and robust enough to welcome more schools into their family?

The benefits go far beyond helping your organisation to avoid pitfalls and strengthen the offer. Previous audits have provided RSCs with information to enable them to broker negotiations with other schools or MATs, and trusts have provided their findings to schools that are interested in joining them to show their capacity and capability to lead school improvement at every level.

In short, a MAT Growth Audit can help rubber stamp your trust’s ambitions.

The process is straightforward and simple. The scope of the project is defined with an initial meeting with CEO and Trustees.

A timetable is set, work undertaken and then a draft report issued to Trustees for comment before a final version is produced.

Costs are dependent on the size of MAT and the agreed activities to be undertaken.

J&G Marshall Ltd is proud to be the Official Trust Growth Partner of The Multi Academy Trust Association


J&G Marshall Ltd have been so supportive in helping our MAT to develop and launch on 1st March this year. Guidance and support at all stages have been remarkable, particularly Jeff Marshall, who has a vast experience of conversions which helped our team through some difficult times. Always available to discuss issues and challenges and prepared to go the extra mile to help out, it has been a great pleasure to have Jeff and his team at this crucial stage. I know he will support us through the next few months as we embed LET Education Trust and would like to thank Jeff for all his assistance.

Jenny Woodward, Chair of Trustees, LET Education Trust