MAT Mergers

The number of MAT mergers is growing significantly. The reasons for this trend are wide and varied and can include joint opportunities, economies of scale and stronger support networks to help school improvement. The national landscape is now also bringing mergers to the forefront of many people’s thinking.

In many ways, from a conversion perspective, the rationale for the merger of two trusts is irrelevant once the decision has been made. The main thing that trustees for both MATs have to do is ensure that the merger is fair and transparent and the relevant company or companies are wound up effectively.

Given that there are no merger grants, unlike the initial conversion grant, legal fees need to be kept to a minimum so that money can be used to support school improvement.

J&G Marshall is proud to offer a fixed price MAT Merger legal solution. From just £6,500 + VAT, we provide a service that will:

Guide and support you:

A MAT merger is an event that a Trust will rarely need to face and manage. With more and more Trusts considering merger however, Trusts will need to be prepared for all that a merger entails. That is why having a partner who has “been there and done that” can help you avoid common mistakes and ensure that the best outcomes can be achieved.

Our service is, therefore, built on practical advice and support to help ensure a transition that is as smooth as possible. This includes:

1.      Guidance on the process, documents entered into, implications and how the outgoing Trust will be wound up at Companies House

2.      Liaison with the DfE

3.      Guidance and support with the TUPE transfer

4.      Closure / Transfer Declaration

5.      Insurance transfer

Providing your legal needs:

In conjunction with our panel lawyers, we also ensure that your key legal requirements are met. This includes:

1.      Reviewing the documentation prepared when the outgoing Trust was originally created

2.      Preparing a deed of novation and variation to novate and amend the transferring academy’s existing Funding Agreement into a new Supplemental Funding Agreement under the Trust’s Master Funding Agreement

3.      Agreeing the form of the Commercial Transfer Agreement to transfer the relevant assets, staff and contracts from the outgoing Trust to the new MAT

4.      Completing the application to the ESFA for significant change to transfer the existing Lease to the new MAT

5.      Finalising the form of the assignment/transfer of the 125 year lease to the new Trust. We will then register the assignment with Land Registry (TR1).

In short, we have all bases covered – all from £6,500 + VAT

Additional MAT Merger services:

A MAT Merger is not just about legal work. In fact, the legal work is only one part of a wide-ranging activity list. Our top level of support offers not just legal support but People support and Finance / Admin support.

In other words, we look at the whole of the merging Trusts to ensure the People, Infrastructure, Mindset, Processes and Systems are right from day one. Getting it right before merger day ensures smooth transition into the new MAT venture.

In the people element, we review all layers of Governance from Members to Trustees to people who sit on the Local Advisory Boards ( LAB’s ). We review skill sets and mindset to ensure the right people are sat at the right table.

In the finance / admin element, we look at how to bring two teams together to ensure the right skill sets and financial efficiency.

Costs for these additional MAT Merger services depend on the size of the MAT’s so please contact us to discuss a bespoke Merger service for your Trust.

Mergers are major events and need support and attention to detail in many areas. We have conducted many mergers so we have the experience and ability to help you from start to finish.