If you read the newspapers and education press you will see, sadly, that there are examples of MATs that have not achieved their ambitions for their students.

We rarely believe that this is down to the organisation’s lack of passion or commitment to getting the very best for the children and young people in their network. Much more commonly, however, rapid growth has added extra pressure on small weaknesses and problems in an organisation, and these have eventually become fissures in the trust’s ability to deliver.

It might sound simple, but there are two ingredients for a successful MAT.

  • The first is structure. The right governance, systems and processes need to be in place.
  • Secondly, strong and effective MATs need strong and effective people.

Far too often people add a third to this list, size. Yet, in our opinion a successful MAT is not dependent on size; it is dependent on infrastructures, people and mindsets.

A MAT MOT actively works with trusts to identify the strengths to be built on and weaknesses to be addressed across a number of critical areas:

  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Growth
  • Standards
  • People

The MOTs are typically conducted on a retainer basis over a 3 year term, with no increase in yearly retainer fees for the term of the agreement. This allows J & G to build a deep understanding of your organisation and offer considered guidance, support and external challenge to improve performance.

In return, we use a series of dashboards, observations, reviews and audits to health check critical areas of the trust. These can form a critical part of any inspections your trust may face.

Costs are dependent on size of MAT, the agreed activities and the frequency of meetings.