Does your MAT conduct due diligence on a school joining?

It’s surprising how many Trusts do not undertake meaningful due diligence on a school joining the MAT. In the world of business, putting two companies together can take years. Yet, some Trusts think they can pay lip service to this vital element and then wonder why the Trust / school has issues down the line. We undertake 5 activities on a school looking to join a MAT. This both helps the MAT and the school. The Trust ends up making the right decision on taking another school and the school ascertains what it will being to the MAT ( a kind of marketing brochure if you like ). In other words, both parties benefit and no mistakes are made matching the right school with the right MAT. Contact us to discuss what we do and how we do it and how it can be tailored to your Trust requirements on a school wanting to join the MAT.

Add due diligence to a MAT Growth Audit and the expansion of your MAT is as robust as an RSC could ask for. More importanty, the MAT is acting strategically thereby cutting down any potential for major issues. Doesn’t that allow for a more effective Trust that can concentrate on children’s education more?