Academy Conversions

Associate members of MATS – a real egg cuber?

David Carter, the National Schools Commissioner, has hinted at a new, potentially game changing, policy at a Church of England schools training event last week. The basic premise of what […]

What makes a good academy conversion?

We all read the headlines about what can go wrong with academy conversions. Issues such as problems with PFIs, disagreements over terms and a realisation that two different sets of […]

What is an academy?

‘Go before we are pushed’, ‘control the journey and destination’ as well as ‘we are not having a Trust come in and tell us what to do, how to operate’. […]

The building blocks for academisation

The first building block came in 2010 with the coalition changing how Academies looked. Under the previous government, these were failing schools where money was thrown at trying to solve […]